About Carl Möller

Carl Möller (1950) member NABK

In addition to my practice as an architect, a passion for working with steel as a form of free expression developed.
Look at this work as it is a search for the expressions of forms. whereby the sculptures seem to become persons with their own story and history.

Corrosion (as a metafor)
The natural inclination of steel is to go back to its original state, which is ore.
In order to make steel from iron ore, a lot of energy is required. For that reason we speak of a higher energy state. The iron ore state therefore, has a lower energy state. The newly produced steel immediately after cooling down, will corrode in order to return to its most stable state. So structures disintegrate till the lowest energy contents is reached.
According to thermo dynamics it doesn’t occur from a disorderly accumulation of elements the structure arises itself. Therefore the direction leads from a structured to a decayed condition.
This also applies to the human existence.
We use a lot of energy to create, but after that more energy is needed to preserve these creations: to keep them from decay and disintegration.